Saturday, October 18, 2008

Barack Obama’s Executive Experience

Much has been made of Barack Obama’s supposed lack of executive experience, but we have seen his abilities as an executive for the past two years. He has run an impressive campaign that has had few setbacks. He has been incredibly organized and his advisors are top notch.

This is probably the most organized campaign in history. He has staff throughout the country and has given them all the tools to be successful.

His advisors were selected because of their knowledge and not their political connections. The first major personnel decision a Presidential candidate gets to make is the selection of a running mate. He picked Joe Biden based on his experience and what he would bring to the administration and not because it would appeal to some particular constituency. I would expect that he would find the best and brightest for his administration irrespective of party.

He has been calm and cool under pressure. When John McCain took the lead after the conventions, Democrats everywhere were panicking. He never did. Barack Obama’s demeanor isn’t much different now than it was then. Americans look to their President for reassurance and leadership. Through this financial crisis, he has been a calming influence.

When the financial sectored tanked, he also knew what his role should be. It shows how he would likely handle future crises He gave direction, and allowed the experts to do their jobs without getting in their way.

His campaign has done an excellent job at applying today’s technologies to his campaign in novel ways. I am hoping that his administration will be able to continue to apply technology in our government to streamline processes and cut costs.

His campaign has shown remarkable adaptability. He has been able to respond to John McCain’s attacks before McCain has even been able to unleash them.

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