Saturday, March 20, 2010

Could Mike Turzai be vulnerable?

Republican Mike Turzai has had a Democratic opponent in the past few elections, which he has flicked away like an annoying mosquito.  Why would he not only waste his time by challenging the signatures of his next Democratic victim, Dr. Sharon Brown, but enlist one of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s buddies to do it? 

This information comes from Timothy McNulty in the Post-Gazette Early Returns  (  He got it from Infinonymous that Dave Malone, one of Mayor Luke’s biggest fundraisers, is challenging Dr. Sharon Brown’s signatures.  I am not even sure why someone like Dave Malone would bother getting involved in this.  None of the people involved seem to have anything to gain.

The challenge will also give Dr. Brown some much-needed publicity that she would have never gotten otherwise.  Now she can claim that Mike Turzai is so scared of her that he felt the need to get a prominent Democrat to challenge her signatures.

The whole challenge makes little sense unless…

Could Mike Turzai be vulnerable this time around?  Here are a few reasons why I am wondering:
  1. There is a huge anti-incumbency feeling out there.
  2. He is a career politician that could be a poster-boy for term limits. 
  3. He is Pennsylvania’s version of a “Just say No” Republican at a time when a backlash from “Just say No” might be starting.
  4. Many disillusioned Jason Altmire supporters will have some time on their hands, and would love to help knock Mike Turzai off with a grassroots effort that knocked off Melissa Hart twice.
I have met his Democratic opponent, Dr. Sharon Brown.  She is everything he is not.  She is very likeable, intelligent, hard working and honest.  She has little interest in a career in politics.

Four years ago, no one heard of Jason Altmire as he set out to defeat a Melissa Hart that thought she was unbeatable and acted like it.  Could it happen to Mike Turzai this year?

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Blue Number 2 said...

The challenge was...REJECTED!


For immediate release Contact: Jim Burn
April 7, 2010 412-281-8901

Sharon Brown Defeats Petition Challenge in Court

Wexford resident ‘as motivated as ever’ to unseat Mike Turzai and expose his extremist agenda

McCANDLESS, Pa. – State House candidate Sharon Brown today announced Republican incumbent Mike Turzai’s challenge to her nomination petitions were defeated in court when a judge ruled she can remain on the ballot.

The ruling further demonstrates that the State House’s second most powerful Republican would rather intimidate political opponents than face them at the polls, Brown said. “This court ruling reconfirms what I’ve been saying all along – this was an illegitimate, politically motivated attack based on technicalities, not truths,” Brown said after learning of the ruling. “Mike Turzai was trying to get me off the ballot so he wouldn’t have to defend his record. As always, his tactics proved he’s better at creating distractions than doing his job. I’m as motivated as ever to hold him accountable by making him explain his record of ineffectiveness and extreme right-wing views.”

We realize Rep. Turzai will continue to focus on diversion rather than issues, said Jim Burn, Chairman of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee. “Dr. Brown will continue to make Mr. Turzai answer for missed opportunities to improve the lives of the residents of the 28th Legislative District. The people of Allegheny County deserve better than games, they deserve a leader in the State House of Representatives.”

Brown said she will spend the next seven months proving to the people of the 28th District that she is the best choice to represent them in Harrisburg. “During last year’s budget impasse, Mike Turzai decided partisan political showdowns were more important than his responsibilities as a legislator. Mr. Turzai did not accomplish anything by leading the entire Republican caucus away from the bargaining table, and I will work hard to let the people of Allegheny County know that they will not see the same gimmicks from me. If elected, I will approach my duties with the same levelheadedness and integrity I’ve employed in my work in the private sector. There are real issues to address, and I am the best person to address them.”

A resident of Wexford, Brown works as a nursing administrator for the Community College of Allegheny County and is president and CEO of Brown Consulting & Research, LLC.

Brigid Sullivan

Allegheny County Democratic Committee

Executive Director


412.551.3114 (cell)