Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jason Altmire is Correct

Congressman Altmire has taken a lot of heat lately from the left for not backing Nancy Pelosi for House Minority Leader.  This posting from Crooks and Liars is an example.  The interview with Chris Matthews is worth seeing.

Much of  the criticism is coming from people who know nothing about our district.  Altmire is a lone Democrat and voice of reason in an area represented mostly by right wingers:
  • My Republican State Representative is Mike Turzai who is Tommey-like in his beliefs.
  • My Republican State Senator, Jane Orie, is under indictment and still easily won re-election.  Unlike Christine O'Donnell, she looks like and may actually be a witch.  She at least believes in the occult, and may have cast a spell on her voters for all we know.
  • My Republican McCandless town councilman told me that it is too bad that we can't open North Park up for commercial development when I mentioned to him that I was surprised at how big McCandless Crossings is.  This was after Jason Altmire fought for the much needed renovations to North Park Lake after years of neglect.
  • Just north of us is Cranberry, the home of State Representative Daryl Metcalfe, who makes Sharon Angle sound rational.
  • Altmire's district went overwhelmingly for John McCain and probably supported Toomey over Sestak as well.
  • Altmire's far right-wing opponent, Keith Rothfus, ran commercials that criticized Altmire simply for voting for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.  
The House and Senate Democrats need new leadership and a fresh start.  This is not to take away from their accomplishments which I posted about before.  I look at it similar to how a coaching change can turn around a team by bringing in a new perspective.  The Penguins won the Stanley Cup after bringing in Dan Bylsma.  New Democratic leadership in the House and Senate could bring about a similar change.

We need fresh new leaders in these positions that can inspire not only the Democratic Party, but the American people.  I think the House and Senate Democrats need to look beyond the normal seniority-based leadership structure to people that can inspire us that we may not have even heard of yet.

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NorthPGH Progressive said...

Here are the unofficial numbers I have put together for the statewide races in Altmire's district. Onorato lost by 55,981 votes (23.44%) and Sestak lost by 37,767 votes (15.92%).