Monday, February 21, 2011

Jane Orie Trial

After the first week of testimony, how many of you are regretting that you voted to re-elect her?  The prosecution spent the entire week parading staffer after staffer in front of the jury to the point that one juror had to be replaced for sleeping.  Can you blame this person?  It must have been like watching the same rerun over and over again as each staffer repeats pretty much the same thing.

Below are some links to articles from the PG and Trib about the trial things caught my eye:
  1. A few years ago, I received a voice mail from her regarding an email I sent her about the city's financial condition (I wrote to Mike Turzai as well, but no one should be surprised that I got no response form him.).  I was impressed that she thought to call me back.  Now I wonder if that we really her.  I wonder if staffers practiced do her voice or didn't bother.
  2. Trying to claim that the GOP's annual political dinner was a "public policy forum" may be showing how bad it is for the defense.  I have gone to the Democratic version.  It is a $100 a plate affair (I have never paid for it.), and there is nothing non-political about it.
Also, keep in mind that the whistle blower went to then Attorney General Tom Corbett's office first and they refused to take this case.

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