Saturday, August 29, 2009


Watching Republicans like John McCain and Orrin Hatch talk glowingly about Ted Kennedy Friday night made me think about what is wrong with this country. Although they may not have said it explicitly, they were all about finding win-win solutions.

Politics today seems to be about winning and losing. For example, the health care debate seems to be more about whether President Obama or the Republicans will win or lose, and not about finding common ground and doing what is best for the country.

Kennedy and his colleagues also realized that even though they may have disagreed on just about everything, they were all Americans that loved their country. They never exhibited the hate and disrespect that many are displaying towards those with differing opinions than their own.  I don't remember Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton being compared to Hitler like both George W. Bush and Barack Obama have been.

We need to get back to finding the win-win solutions in our lives whether it be in public or private, and realizing that even though we may disagree, we are all Americans in the end.

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