Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gridlock is the problem

I believe that our government can help improve the conditions to promote job growth and grow the economy, but they choose not to implement it.  It is not about doing what is best for the country, but all about winning and losing.  Republicans have voted against bills they wrote and sponsored only because President Obama said he supported it.  Time is wasted writing bills to make one side or the other look bad knowing full well they will never become law.

President Reagan would have gotten no where had he not had a partner in Tip O'Neill.  Barack Obama has no such partner.  Even when he takes a Republican position, the Republicans vote against it, because it would make Obama look good or help the county before the election. 

President Obama is regularly derided as foreign, socialist or worse than that.  How can you negotiate with someone you disagree with after you personally demonize him?

Even if the Republicans win the Presidency, keep the House and take over the Senate, they will not be able to implement their plans just as Obama can't implement his.  Turn about is fair play, and to think that the Democrats will not filibuster everything like the Republicans in the Senate do is just plain foolish.

We should electing people to Washington who believe firmly in breaking that gridlock and moving this country forward.  No matter who is elected President in November, Tea-Party candidates Kieth Rothfus and Tom Smith would contribute to that gridlock and make things even worse.  Electing them would reward gridlock and insure that it continues.

Their opponents, Mark Critz and Bob Casey, have shown that they can work with Democrats and Republicans, and can help to break the gridlock that is paralyzing the country, and move us forward.

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