Saturday, May 12, 2012

Keith Rothfus and my family concerning healthcare

The Republicans have been running ads claiming that Mark Critz voted numerous times to not repeal Obamacare like Keith Rothfus wants to.  They never say what they would replace Obamacare with, so my only guess has to be to return to the status quo of 2008.  It got me to thinking about what would happen to my family if Rothfus gets his way concerning Obamacare and the Paul Ryan budget which I assume he would support.
  • My mother, mother-in-law, aunt and other older relatives could fall back into the Medicare prescription drug doughnut hole that was closed under Obamacare.
  • My nieces and nephews who are currently covered under their parents' health insurance because of Obamacare would lose their coverage and be on their own.  My son will have to deal with this as well when he is older.
  • When my wife and I retire in 20 or so years, instead of getting covered under the Medicare plan that we have paid into for the last 30 years, we will get the equivalent of a store discount coupon under the Ryan budget for our health insurance and told we are on our own to find private insurance.  Wish us luck with that one.
  • Insurance companies would no longer be required to spend 80% of their premiums on patient care as they are required to under Obamacare.  Instead we will have to continue paying premiums to build palaces like Highmark's or paying Highmark's CEO a multimillion dollar salary.  Keep in mind that Highmark is supposed to be non-profit.
  • I could go bankrupt without Obamacare if god-forbid, I have a serious medical condition.  I also would need those savings to pay for health care in retirement since Medicare would become a discount coupon.  Of course, that medical condition would qualify as a pre-existing condition later in life, so I couldn't get health insurance anyway.
  • We would again have to pay co-pays for preventative treatments like mammograms and colonoscopies.  I can afford it, but how many family members might forgo that to save money.
I suggest you look at your family's situation to see what would happen to you under a Republican administration.

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