Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jane Orie raised your taxes 420%!!!!!!

Unless you live in Ross Township.

According to Orie logic, Ross Township Commissioner Dan DeMarco voted to raise taxes 150%.  Thanks to North Pittsburgh Politics, this was the occupation tax.

Using Orie logic, she voted to raise this tax 420% for just about all of us as most municipalities couldn't wait to raise this tax.  This includes the Republican McCandless Town Council where both she and I live.

The tax increase was originally intended to help the City of Pittsburgh, but instead of just applying it to Pittsburgh, Jane Orie voted to increase the tax state wide.  My wife and I do not work in Pittsburgh, and yet she raised our tax 420%.

Dan DeMarco could have taken the full $52 as well in Ross Township, but they only took what they felt they needed and left $27 on the table.  Would it be a stretch of Orie logic to claim that  Dan DeMarco actually cut the tax by 52% from $52 to $25?

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