Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Post-Gazette Endorses Jason Altmire

4th U.S. House: Altmire is the better choice for Congress

It is a pretty normal endorsement, but a few things stood out to me:
  • "He favors repeal of the federal health insurance law, calling it unconstitutional and unprecedented in expanding government power."  Jason Altmire didn't vote for the law as well, but is taking the common sense approach that we need to fix what is wrong with it rather than just repeal it and replace it with nothing.  If Rothfus had said something similar rather than just parroting the Republican talking point, I might have taken him seriously.  Rothfus is also forgetting to mention that the health care law was based more on Republican ideas and proposals than "Government Run Healthcare" that progressives would have preferred.  As with many, many Republican ideas like Cap and Trade, if Obama supports it, it is suddenly socialist and evil.
  • "He called the $787 billion stimulus "an abject failure" and said Congress should have cut taxes to stimulate growth." A large portion of the stimulus was a tax cut that we all enjoyed. Keith Rothfus didn't know this?  The problem with the tax cut was that we got it through reduced withholding taxes rather than wasting our tax dollars like Bush did by sending out physical checks, so no one noticed.  Most economics also agree that the stimulus also prevented a depression.
  • "Mr. Rothfus is not convinced that human activity is causing climate change." So he is a climate change denier as well. He is probably also in support of global warming as well, because it is opening up shipping lanes through the Arctic Circle.

    I met Mr. Rothfus and he is a nice enough person.  The problem is that he is nice, and will simply be John Boehner's lap dog (I picture him as a little white terrier.).  He will be a reliable 100% yes vote for the Republican agenda with little ability to make a difference.  His campaign is a boilerplate Republican campaign that Melissa Hart used twice and lost.  He brings nothing new to the table, and simply echos the Republican talking points.  Has he said anything original?

    If you want someone who will vote 100% of the time for the Republican agenda even if his district is against the Republican policies that will increase the deficit by trillions of dollars go ahead and vote for Keith Rothfus.

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