Friday, October 22, 2010

North Pittsburgh Politics: Jane Orie/Dan DeMarco mail wars

North Pittsburgh Politics wrote a great series of posts on Jane Orie's mailings that have been cluttering our mail boxes since September along with Dan DeMarco's responses:

Sen. Jane Orie's shameful mailing
Jane Orie's Fantasy World
Will these mailers convince you that Jane Orie didn't abuse tax payer's money?
Dan DeMarco Mailers
Rest of Jane Orie mailers so far
Why did Jane Orie get indicted? Hmmm
Dan DeMarco Mailers

You can certainly see a pattern in Jane Orie's mailers.  As time goes on, she goes further and further off the deep end.  I can't wait to check my mail for the next one.  The Zapalla's are out to get her!  She is fighting the "Good Old Boy" network!  Never mind that you don't get to be Senate Majority Whip unless you are one of those "Good Old Boys" that you are allegedly fighting against.

The only reason that Zapalla brought the charges is because, unlike Attorney General Corbett, he was doing his job.  The whistle blower went to Corbett's office first and his office blew her off.  It also wasn't like Zapalla did it on his own.  He convened two Grand Juries that brought the charges to her and her family (Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin may be getting indicted as well.).  I guess the Grand Juries are out to get Orie as well.

I have met Dan DeMarco and he is everything in person that his mailers show.  He is very personable and sincere.  He will be a fine State Senator.

The choice on November 2nd between Dan DeMarco's sincerity and Jane Orie's insanity is a pretty easy one.

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