Saturday, May 5, 2012

Keith Rothfus again

What is it about this congressional district that Republicans have to lose twice?  Melissa Hart lost twice to Jason Altmire and Tim Burns lost twice to Mark Critz.  Keith Rothfus is taking his second shot this time in the new district against Mark Critz.  It caused me to look back at when he ran against Jason Altmire in 2010:
The issues haven't changed much and it looks like Mr. Rothfus will simply be replacing Jason Altmire with Mark Critz in all the talking points he used 2 years ago.  His first comments after the primary reflect that:
“The Cook score acknowledges what we already knew about PA-12, that the people of Southwestern Pennsylvania are concerned about the direction this country is headed, and that Keith Rothfus is primed for victory. Indeed, there are major differences in this race. Unlike Mark Crtiz who received only a 57% pro-life rating from the National Right to Life, Keith Rothfus will be 100% pro-life. Keith is dedicated to protecting the most vulnerable members of society, not the least of which are our seniors. It is Obamacare that ends Medicare as we know it, as it strips Medicare of $500 billion in funding at the same time the Medicare population is set to increase by 42%. Mark Critz supports this gutting of Medicare as he voted against repeal of Obamacare and voted to keep in place the panel of bureaucrats given the power to make our personal healthcare decisions. Keith Rothfus supports restoring the doctor-patient relationship and saving Medicare.

Mark Critz supports President Obama’s reckless fiscal agenda. Mark Critz represents the failed policies that have resulted in the unemployment rate being above 8% for 38 months. These policies have led us down an unsustainable path of debt, and Mark Critz seems quite comfortable with asking all of us to hold China’s water as they continue to be the United States’ lender of first resort. Keith Rothfus understands that we need to bring jobs back to Southwestern Pennsylvania, and that economic growth will generate new tax revenues to help us pay for the critical social programs that take care of and protect our seniors. He will fight hard to protect our seniors, protect our businesses, and be a good steward of the taxpayers’ dollar, a much needed change in this time of uncertainty."
Just replace Mark Critz with Jason Altmire and you are transported back to 2010.  I'll be writing about how Keith Rothfus wants to "save" Medicare and how his policies will negatively impact our families.

I also find it interesting how organizations like the National Right to Life come up with these ratings.  53% sounds pretty bad if you are a solid pro-life voter until you look into the numbers.  I looked at the National Right to Life website.  It was based on a grand total of 7 votes in 2011-2012.  Mark Critz voted on what they consider to be the wrong side of 3 of the 7.  Two of them involved repealing Obama Care, and it is a real stretch to say they had anything to do with abortion.  The third vote was an amendment that he voted against to cut funding for Planned Parenthood even though the money can't be used for abortions, but  then he voted for a different bill to cut funding for Planned Parenthood.  The remaining 3 votes really had something to do with abortion and he took the pro-life position on all three.  Just to show the value of these ratings, Mark Critz has a 100% rating from the National Right to Life in 2010, but it was on one vote that again had nothing to do with abortion.  To somehow claim he is less pro-life than Keith Rothfus is just plain silly when you look into the details.

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